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STEMspire is based in The Bronx High School of Science, which was ranked fourth nationally on Newsweeks’ “Top 5,000 STEM High Schools” list in 2019. Our team is not just composed of individuals who are experienced in their respective classes, but they are also passionate mentors who are eager to spread their knowledge to other students.

Math Enrichment


Math Enrichment Mentor

Olivia Lee will be teaching the Math Enrichment program at STEMspire. She has precious experience with teaching younger peers and prepping students for multiple standardized exams including the SHSAT and NY state tests. Olivia has participated in multiple math competitions and holds titles for many of them including MathCon, Pi5, and MoMath. She has taken the AMC8 and 10 for the past five years and is part of the Bronx Science Math team. Olivia is very good with younger students and hopes to meet future STEMspire students soon!

Computer Science


Computer Science Mentor

As a rising junior in Bronx Science Katherine is a very STEM oriented person. Though she has dabbled in a lot of stem activities, she always finds herself coming back to coding. Having done robotics in summer school, participated in girls who code, and took computer science in both middle and high school she can fully say she loves a lot of the aspects coding can offer. Katherine believes that basic coding is a skill that translate well into many jobs and the thinking behind it is even more advantageous to learn early. She want to help spread her love, passion and the fun of coding to others through this class



Computer Science Mentor

Chris is currently a junior at Bronx Science with his sights set on becoming a computer science major. Not only is he well-versed in the language of Python, but he is also currently enrolled in a college-level computer science course at his school to learn Java. In addition, he is an experienced academic mentor and has tutored students of all ages throughout middle school and high school in a variety of subjects as a member of the National Honors Society. Chris hopes that through STEMspire he will be able to provide students with an ideal opportunity to let their passion in the fields of STEM shine.



Statistics & Data Analysis Mentor

Frances Lum is currently a junior at The Bronx High School of Science and will be teaching Statistics and Data Analysis at STEMspire. She has previously taken AP Statistics and is now taking a Post-AP course in Statistics. She also has prior teaching experience through mentoring students from her middle school via programs such as math team and summer math camp. Frances also has experience with remote teaching through tutoring students in Regents classes via online platforms

Intro to Psych


Introduction to Psychology Mentor

While he keeps an open mind to all topics, Afran most commonly likes to delve into the humanities and sociology. He took Ivy League college psychology and neurology courses, and is currently leading a committee dedicated to the social science as part of an organization. He is also a member of the social science research program at his school. Ultimately, he hopes to shine light on the career paths that revolve around on the human mind while also bringing awareness to the severity of mental health issues through works of psychology/neurology.



Introduction to Psychology Mentor

Ella is a current junior at The Bronx High School of Science who has had an interest in psychology for as long as she can remember. She has taken an introduction to psychology course and positive psychology class over the summer. She also does research in the field as well, specifically on memory and social interaction. She hopes to share her interest for psychology and neurology with others!




David Lin will be teaching the AP Biology program at STEMspire. He has previously acted as a director's assistant under the executive director of the esteemed Kuei Luck Enrichment Center's KL Prep program. This qualifies him as both an experienced and well-spoken mentor for students of various age groups. In his freshmen year, David took honors Biology and honors Research Literacy, having conducted a study about isopod physiology and psychology in the latter course. He seeks to guide scholars towards prospective future career choices, and is ecstatic to become acquainted with STEMspire students!

SAT Biology
SAT Chemistry


AP Chemistry Mentor

Norah is a junior at the Bronx High School of Science. Her favorite subjects are math and chemistry, and her favorite author is John Steinbeck. For the last year, Norah has been working with epidemiologists at Mount Sinai Hospital as a volunteer researcher in the biochemical field. She spends her weekends debating with her school’s debate team or playing soccer. In her free time, she likes to bake and listen to music.



AP Chemistry Mentor

Frannie is in 11th grade at the Bronx High School of science. She really enjoys STEM subjects, and so she is really looking forward to helping tutor chemistry this year! Chemistry is all about better understanding reactions and changes that occur around us everyday, and so by learning more about the subject, we will be able to learn more about the world around us. She took AP Chemistry as a sophomore and loved the class, and so she is super excited to help others find passion in the subject as well!

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